About Us

The General Management Plan (see above) describes the phased implementation strategy, including parameters for both Management and Program Partners to work with NPS. Since 1994, a dedicated core of local people interested in the future of Highlands Center have worked ardently to discover the best avenue on which to proceed with the project. They ultimately formed an organization called Highlands Center, Incorporated, established in 2001, which received its non-profit status the following year. In 2002, NPS released a Request for Qualifications for the Management Partner. Desired qualities were:

• compatibility with CCNS mission and key themes

• financial capability

• management capability

• commitment to conduct activities in an environmentally enhancing manner

• ability to coordinate with Program Partners and surrounding communities

• ability to manage real estate, and,

• ability to raise funds.

In 2003, Highlands Center, Inc. was selected to negotiate a Management Partner Agreement with NPS, and became the designated Management Partner for the Cape Cod National Seashore Highlands Center Project. In 2005, HCI and NPS entered into their first Cooperative Agreement and what is the first of a number of annual Task Agreements, setting forth the scope of HCI’s authority and its specific one-year tasks related to the Project.

To date, National Park Service has selected three Program Partners:

• Barnstable County’s AmeriCorps Cape Cod , part of a national network of programs, a residential service program which pairs college educated service-minded volunteers with citizens, educators, scientists and environmental professionals to promote land and water conservation, environmental education and disaster preparedness;

• Fine Arts Work Center , where artists and writers in the early stages of their careers are nurtured in a seven-month residency program, inspired by professionals and by the Cape Cod environment;

• Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro , which provides affordable, professional-level theater, art and music experiences, educational programs and professional training for residents and visitors to Truro and the Outer Cape.

David Willard, Chairman
Norman Edinberg, Vice Chairman
Ernest Rogers, Treasurer
Joyce Johnson, Secretary
Steve Anthony
Richard Epstein
William Evaul
Graham Giese
Allen Larson
Barbara A. Levy
Jan Miller
John O’Brien
James W. Segel
Daniel Wolf