Highlands Center at Cape Cod National Seashore

Help the communities working to create a better world for us. Your contribution will make a difference.

About Us

We are an organization trying raising funds for the artists and innovators trying to introduce new products and arts to the world. Help us in our journey of contributing to the creative minds by providing the necessary funds and space for their projects. Lift the future of our society by contributing to our art, science, and culture project.


We have been hosting motivating events for the young minds of our society who are dedicated to creating innovative art and technology.


Our agenda is to create a learning environment for the new generation by providing them with everything they need to make this world a better place.


Our mission is raising funds for the common goals for our community to advance in the technological aspects while also providing the right environment to the artists and innovators.

Become Involved

If you would like to support a specific program partner other than HCI, please contact them directly. We are all fundraising for a common goal. Any contribution, no matter how small, no matter to which organization, will bring us one step closer to achieving our collective mission.

For Artists

Part of the Highlands Center mission is to support artistic efforts and creativity on Cape Cod. Payomet Performing Arts Center in Truro has recently completed another successful summer season of theater, film, music, and other performances at the Highlands Center.


“I have been a part of most of their events and have worked as a volunteer for over a year now. Their work process is quite intriguing with the best quality service which they provide to the community members.”

Anne W. Rogers

The Campus

The 110-acre site of Highlands Center occupies a point of singular beauty on the Outer Cape. It is approximately 12 miles southeast of Provincetown and two hours from Boston and Providence. Depending upon reuse, 25 to 45 buildings with a total of approximately 75,000 to 135,000 square feet of indoor space are available for redevelopment.

Two buildings being completed by the National Park Service are the Atlantic Research Center field station lab and classroom space for visiting scientists and students, a part of a nationwide network of federally funded research centers. Buildings currently in use at the site are the National Park Service North Atlantic Coastal Laboratory, the Town of Truro Native Plant Test Nursery, and the Highlands Center Coastal Science Observatory.

A New Center for the Arts, Sciences and Culture on the Outer Cape

What's Happening

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Role of Science and Technology in Daily Life


Science and Technology in the current world is like air and water. The very first thing that you do as soon as you wake up in the morning is to imply the relevance of Science and Technology to your day. Right from the toothbrush, you use to brush your teeth to the matrix you use to sleep in the night is the contribution of Science.  Science is not the result but it is the process which brings us the best soothers for breastfed babies result. In this article, we are speaking about the soothers for breastfed babies role of Science and Technology in our daily life.

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Some Facts About The Atlantic Ocean For Kids

Atlantic Ocean

The word Atlantic has actually been derived from the Greek word “Atlantikos” which actually means ‘Sea of Atlas’. The Atlantic Ocean is actually world-famous for covering approximately 25% of the Earth’s surface, and yes, that is A LOT. It is also the second-largest ocean in the world after the Pacific Ocean. It is known for separating the North and South Americas from Europe and Africa. It is also the first-ever ocean to ever be crossed by a ship or even a plane as well.

In this guide, I will be listing out some very interesting facts about the Atlantic Ocean, which are all applicable and useful to children too. I am sure that children will be fascinated by them too.

  • The Atlantic Ocean is actually believed to have formed during the Jurassic Period, and it is easily more than 150 million years old.Jurassic Period,
  • The Atlantic Ridge is actually an underwater mountain range which has been very famous for being located under the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The infamous Bermuda Triangle is known for having ships, boats and airplanes enter there and never come out, and it is actually located in the Atlantic Ocean. This triangular area is actually responsible for more than these mysteries too.
  • The Puerto Rican Trench is known to be the deepest known point in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • It is also the world’s saltiest sea with a water salinity level of around 35 parts per every thousand.
  • The area which is covered by this ocean actually has some of the richest fishing resources on the planet.
  • The average depth of this beautiful ocean has been recorded to be 11,000 feet.
  • There are a lot of unusual creatures in this ocean.
  • In the year 1912, the RMS Titanic sank in the Atlantic Ocean after hitting an iceberg. It is still one of the most iconic and also one of the most talked about shipwrecks on this planet.


  • The Atlantic Ocean is actually connected to the Pacific Ocean by way of a manmade Panama Canal. The actual entrance is actually located in the Caribbean Sea.
  • It is also a very interesting fact that diamonds can actually be found in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Southern Africa. They can actually be scooped from the bed of the ocean.
  • For the intensive mapping of the Atlantic Ocean, scientists have been known to make use of Sonar Waves.
  • It is also a very surprising yet disturbing fact that we have explored a lot of the ocean, well it seems like a lot, but it amounts to only 2-3% of the entire ocean. There is 98% of the ocean yet to be explored.